Wedding Contract Template for Wedding Djs – ENGLISH – (WORD)

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Wedding Contract Template for Wedding DJs – ENGLISH – (WORD)



Wedding Contract Template for Wedding DJs in english.

Like any other company, even if you are a freelancer DJ, you should be protected from the potential risks you may experience. The Wedding Contract for DJs provides a defined outline that protects you and the couple by expressing clearly the expectations, rights and obligations of both parties.

A Private Agreement (Contract) is necessary for all wedding DJs because:


a. We show professionalism

b. We define our payment methods

c. We clearly state the (so important for wedding services) condition of not returning the deposit in case of cancellation

d. We clear the rights to acquire and use photos and videos from the wedding day

e. We determine the maximum amount of compensation in case of any problem

f. We communicate the messages we want and the procedures we have.


The Contract for Wedding DJs is fully customizable to the specifics of your business, with space for your logo and your contact information.

It has been written in simple and comprehensible language. Legal “writing” has been avoided so as not to scare the couples.


Note: please consult your lawyer before using it