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Marketing Glasses
Marketing Glasses


I was born in Germany and came to Greece at the age of 8.
I have studied Marketing at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and worked in this field for 6 years at Vodafone Greece Marketing Dpt.

At the same time, photography came into my life. I have attended seminars of black and white art photography and started to develop films and print photos in the darkroom.

With the prospect of professional photography, I have studied for two years at the Public IEK of Photography in Kifissia. Soon after I completed these photography courses, I knew I was ready and opened sails to capture the world, as I see it through my lens and permanently said good bye to my 9-5 job. 
Since then, my creative mind and soul has evolved and is always in tune with my marketing expertise.

To help wedding photographers and wedding professionals, I started to make presentations and seminars, but also offered marketing and entrepreneurial consulting services tailored to their needs.

More then 45 wedding professionals have been benefited from my marketing and entrepreneurial consulting services.

My latest project is the creation of templates for wedding proffessionals in Greek and English, which can be found in the Shop of the site.


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